The instructor in the classes of  SELFDEFENCE is Mr Georgios Sigalas, qualified  KARATE trainer from the Greek General
Secretariat of Sports and REFEREE in the GREEK KARATE FEDERATION.

 He began in 1973 with instructor the Sensei Zeppos Vasilios and classmates Mr Giorgos Elefsiniotis and Mr Alekos Petrou.
In 1978 he took the black belt.

He has participated in  kick boxing fights (full contact) and in a lot of national karate championships conquering  first places.

His personal friend Panagiotis Vakatasis, 5th DAN JUDO today,  has helped him so that he acquires enough knowledge in the art of JUDO.

He considers himself a student of martial arts and for this he participates in all the seminars that are organised in our country
 by great instuctors.

The instructor Mr Georgios Sigalas.
Here with the Minister of Education Mr Efthimiou in handing-over of medals in Pan-Hellenic fights. Next to the Minister (at the right side)  is our own athlete Giorgos Hountasis.
The instructor in an older photograph.
Four photographs from 1980.

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